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 Welcome to another year Bonsai Enthusiasts! 

 We are proud to be celebrating our 50th Year in KC, MO! 

Currently, all scheduled Programs, Workshops and Member Events are held in the Fern Room (downstairs) at the Loose Park Garden Center.

For a quick link, here is the Most Recent Schedule to download/print. You can also visit our Schedule page for additional information.

If you’re new to bonsai, or even a seasoned veteran in need of a refresher, you may be wondering: “Okay. I’ve got this bonsai, now what?”  Remember, each species you are trying to grow has its own specific needs, tailored to your micro-environment whether it is indoors or out.  See our page on lighting for some in depth information especially useful this time of year.  http://bsgkc.org/understanding-lighting-when-plants-come-indoors/

If you are interested in joining our society, complete a Membership Application, or visit our Contacts page.