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ALL public WORKSHOPS at the Loose Park Garden Center are CANCELLED for the remainder of 2020. 

Activities during September – December have been modified for Members ONLY

There will be limited space available and a form has been included in your latest Newsletter (mailing out 9/10/2020)

Thank you!

The latest Schedule for the Bonsai Society of Greater Kansas City is available, and ready for you to view/download at the link below! 

Remaining activities for 2020 are Members ONLY due to COVID-19 Restrictions: Please accept our apologies !

New Updated Schedule for 2020

For 2021:

When the new year schedule is available, please note the specific times for each activity at the Loose Park Garden Center.  Updates are made on a regular basis including details for each activity.

Other Society Activities, times and locations, will be included.  If there are any questions in regard to the schedule please us the contact form!

When bringing trees to work on,  in a scheduled public workshop, OR when participating as a Student in a pre-registered (member only) Master Class event it is the responsibility of each participant to clean up after oneself, prior to leaving. We need to ensure that we leave the room exactly how we left it, so we can continue our relationship with the Garden Center. Thank you very much for your understanding and most importantly your cooperation. -BSGKC

For those, members and non-members, who want to know more about our Master Weekend Events, download our useful tutorial on What to Expect for a Master Weekend (What is a Master Weekend).