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September 7th Workshop and Discussion: Fertilizers

Program/Workshop: Fertilizing – NOW is the best time!                             Fertilizers and how to use them can be confusing – organic vs inorganic, liquid vs cakes vs “slow-release”, micronutrients vs macronutrients, and so on. Also important is the “when and how much” and “do you treat all the trees the same”? Come and join the discussion as […]

Colorado Bonsai Artist Todd Schlafer to Visit Kansas City September 21st & 22nd

Coming soon, another awesome weekend with Todd Schlafer, one of the best new Bonsai artists in the US.  Todd is a master of collected, native mountain trees.  To name a few, Colorado Blue Spruce, Rocky Mountain Juniper and Douglas Fir, etc. As a collector and accomplished artist his knowledge base is broad and continues to grow […]

Workshop October 12: Wiring Fundamentals

Wiring is usually NOT a favorite of bonsai enthusiasts and some avoid it at all costs.  So do you have to wire?  Well, no, however some of the more classic Japanese styles are simply very difficult to achieve without wiring. So, you may not want to create one of those styles or you just don’t […]