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Workshop October 12: Wiring Fundamentals

Wiring is usually NOT a favorite of bonsai enthusiasts and some avoid it at all costs.  So do you have to wire?  Well, no, however some of the more classic Japanese styles are simply very difficult to achieve without wiring.

So, you may not want to create one of those styles or you just don’t want to wire, no problem, there is most likely a workaround.  However, IF you do find yourself struggling, to get the look you want, then guess what, wire is your friend to the rescue.

Kidding aside, wiring does have a few guidelines, a few techniques, and some pros and cons, but once you grasp those concepts you will be wiring with little effort and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Of course wire does cost money and a couple of tools are necessary but both are relatively inexpensive from the proper sources.

So come join us for some hands-on practice, source suggestions and Q&A.  For a quick and simple reference see the one page primer below.

Bonsai is wiring- quick primer