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Next Workshop Event: Repotting supplies and bonsai tool care!

Our next workshop will emphasize Soils and Re-potting strategies !  February 16, at 9:30 AM.  We will also talk about the care and cleaning of bonsai tools.  Bring your tools for hands-on help!

It’s that time of year when we start getting ready for the re-potting season.  This starts with a thorough soil and amendment inventory: what do I have on hand and what do I need. 

Wire also needs to be on hand as the freshly re-potted trees need to be secured in the pot.  This prevents movement and therefore any damage to the new, delicate roots that will grow after repotting. 

Can you re-pot all trees at the same time of year? Unfortunately, no .  While some will be happy at the same time, many species will not.  So researching when during the year is the best time for your tree is important.  After-care can also be critical.  A species might be OK with an early re-potting but once it is done the root area will need to be protected and warmed to encourage the new roots to grow.

And lastly: Tools are a very important part of our process.  There are regular garden tools that will easily step in for bonsai tools.  However some unique tools, such as concave and wire cutters, can only be found as bonsai tools.  There is no adequate substitute.  And as with any type of tool, you want to protect your investment by maintaining and caring for your tools.

So come join us Saturday, February 16 for some instruction and tips to start the new growing season and start getting supplies and tools ready to go!