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Next Workshop Event: Fall Clean-up and Winter Care Approaches

Our next workshop will emphasize Fall Clean-up and Winter Care Strategies !  October 13, at 9:00 AM

It’s that time of year when no matter what species you grow it is time to check your trees for wiring adjustments, any soil surface compaction (and weeds) and consider how you will protect them through our long winter months.

Wiring that was applied earlier in the year should be checked for any tightness and development of wire scars.  Intervention and damage control will vary by species and how easily a plant will repair the damage on it’s own or if help is needed.

After a “year” of watering and fertilizer, and depending on what type of soil mix you use, the soil surface in the pot can become crusty or compacted.  There is an easy and simple technique [Soji] that can be used, that does not require repotting, that when combined with a little fresh soil will give a better draining and air exchange over the winter months.

And lastly: Because we grow in pots some type of protection, or an adjustment of growing conditions, is needed to get through winter successfully with no unwanted surprises come spring.

So come join us Saturday, October 13 for some instruction and tips to finish out the growing season and start getting your trees ready for their winter rest!